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Data Science Research and Innovation

For owner-operated companies in particular, the issue of unstructured data analytics is raised ever more frequently. Essentially, big data analytics is often a medium to long-term process, requiring a detailed observation of the environment of the relevant data quality factors and processes. With long established expertise in operational research problem structuring methods and soft operational research skills supporting your data science and Big Data journey.  Embedding governance and best practise, using our unique and trademark methodology known as DSaaF (Data Science as a Framework), offering you a highly personalised comprehensive and specialist research and innovation service using the following services:

Our services at a glance:

  • Analysis of initial data science objectives and requirements for your organisation, including resource 'up-skill' and 'cross-skill' training & mentoring needs 
  • Operational research methods to identify a data science approach and the optimal combination of machine learning algorithms configured and customised to be uniquely tailored to your organisational objectives, requirements and branding, enabling your organisation to provide a highly personalised service or product to your customers, setting you apart from your competitors
  • Definition of BAU data science processes and procedures to continually support your organisations growth and expansion
  • Innovation, Conception and implementation of an appropriate supporting big data analytics strategy, including a technical architecture for Big Data Tools
  • Data quality measurement, governance and optimisation for BAU
  • Analytics process management, documentation and control for BAU
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